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"The People's Mayor" 

My vision is to see all of our city’s residents healthy, happy and thriving. Fort Pierce is unique and has a heart and soul like no other city. I believe our community’s greatest asset is its people. Our cultural diversity, if embraced, nurtured and treasured will be the catalyst for the changes that we all wish to see and will be one of many contributing factors that will attract new businesses and industries into OUR City of Fort Pierce making it one of the most sought after locations to live, work and play in.

My promise to you is simple… if I’m elected your next mayor, I will honor my promises made to you before, during, and after the election. I will always put people over politics. My open-door  policy and hands on approach in time, will prove that I’m not a politician; I am an experienced business woman whose leadership skills and expertise are perfectly aligned with what our city needs at this very moment. I am proactive in helping bring forth the positive changes and opportunities we all deserve and dream of as we move our community forward. As the election nears, the stakes become high for candidates so mudslinging begins and its only intent is to harm not heal. Don’t buy into it. God gave you free will to choose, so do your due diligence - meet with the candidates yourself, ask questions that matter to you then choose wisely as to who you feel best serves you and the greater good of those you love.


Our residents cannot afford another four years of a leader who has the audacity to increase our taxes and our utility rates during a pandemic. Let’s be real, if you’re enduring economic hardship like many of us are due to the pandemic, how can you afford to pay more when you’re actually receiving less in supports and services? Economic hardship is real for many of our residents! The sad truth of affairs is that many of our families are suffering and do not feel safe in and around their community - it’s unacceptable letting it continue. We deserve a mayor who’s familiar with all its residents and not just those on the island, but those on the mainland whose lifeblood works within the very city in which the mayor serves. Instead, you deserve a leader with integrity whose moral convictions will fight for what’s right, just, and true for the betterment of every man, woman and child in OUR community. I encourage all of us to take a moment to think about our children and grandchildren and the community we wish for them.

As voters it's OUR constitutional right and responsibility to demand transparency from all government leaders and to hold them accountable to their promises made on the campaign trail and their decisions made while in office. This election year is critical for all of us. We must do our part as citizens to become well-informed and committed to excellence by doing our due diligence on both the candidates running for office as well as, the elected officials running for re-election by looking into their track records. If you agree, it’s time for NEW leadership and find it unacceptable to re-elect a mayor whose track record reveals she’s been deceiving the good people of the community by not honoring her promises and making poor decisions to raise our taxes and utilities during a pandemic. Then ELECT Donna Benton “The People’s Mayor” and let’s put UNITY back into the meaning of community by working together to lower our utilities costs, reduce our taxes, and our community’s crime rate so we can all enjoy a better quality of life.

“Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!

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