About me

"I love Fort Pierce and look forward to leading our community to brighter days ahead! "

- Donna Benton

My life

I first visited Fort Pierce when I was six weeks old and I have lived most of my life as a Fort Pierce local. I have many fond memories of growing up in the "Sunrise City." These memories are the foundation of the passion that I feel for my hometown. A resident since 1969, I have seen and lived through the many changes to Fort Pierce. My business experience of 42 years (17 years in Real Estate) gives me the knowledge needed to understand how to support existing businesses and how to attract new investors to the area. A core value of mine is that "integrity comes first in life, 

family and business practices" - and I am committed to live my life by that standard! Another core value of mine is the importance of "giving back" to the community in which I live.

My family

My family is vested in Fort Pierce. Our grandson Rory is the sixth generation of the family to live in the area! I have been married for 39 years to Bob Benton and our two sons, Kadri Benton and Kori Benton, wife Rebecca, and son Rory, have also made Fort Pierce their home. I am committed to working each and every day to make Fort Pierce a better place for family. 

My work in the community

Over the years, I have been actively involved as a past RASL Board Director, a Governmental Chair, a Member of the St. Lucie County Education Foundation, PTO President of Francis K. Sweet Elementary, a Fort Pierce Tree Board member, a member of the Fort Pierce Community-Wide Council, a member of the Fort Pierce Sport Fishing Club, a Director of the Manatee Center, an Interim Director of Habitat for Humanity and a Guardian Ad litem - along with serving as a local volunteer for many non-profit organizations.

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